Swedish Treasures Wet-it! Dishcloth & Cleaning Cloth - Winter Snow: Gold

Swedish Treasures Wet-it! Dishcloth & Cleaning Cloth - Winter Snow: Gold

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Wet-it! cloths are designed to absorb like a sponge and wipe like a cloth. They replace paper towels, sponges and many other types of cloths. Wet-it! cloths are not abrasive. They are commonly used in the kitchen for washing dishes, wiping counters, cabinets, cleaning the refrigerator, microwave and more. Beyond the kitchen, they are great for general cleaning such as damp dusting, washing windows, mopping the floor and cleaning the bathtub, sink and toilet. The list goes on and on and the uses are endless...so be creative!

Although common in Sweden, Wet-it! cloths are fairly new to the American market and are quickly becoming a "must have" item for every home. They are made of high-grade cotton and cellulose pulp which has a special weave that enables it to absorb up to 16 times its own weight. On average, one Wet-it! cloth easily replaces 16 or more rolls of paper towels because it's cleanable and reusable. All of the prints are colorfast and the cloths can withstand many washes and will last for 6 months or more with normal use. It's great for non-abrasive jobs too like polishing silver and can clean windows or gently dry glassware, giving a streak-free shine without lint residue. Wet-it! is even gentle enough to use on a baby. Create your own favorite use! 

Made of 70% cotton and 30% cellulose, Wet-it! cloths are soft to the touch, yet strong and durable for long-lasting wear. Along with the cloth's extraordinary eco-friendly composition, the colorful print is infused into the cloth using watercolor based dyes to ensure a design that doesn't fade with use - even when using bleaching agents. 

The cloth is 100% biodegradable and breaks down within six weeks in a home compost or 16 weeks in a commercial landfill. Before you get to that point, you can easily and repeatedly clean and disinfect the cloth in the washing machine, in the top rack of the dishwasher, by boiling them in a pot of water, or by placing them rinsed and wet within the microwave for 2 minutes. Note, when cleaning in a washing machine, fabric softeners will break down the fibers. There will be minimal shrinkage if placed in the dryer.

Each cloth measures approximately 6.75 inches wide x 8 inches high.